TreeTop Technologies
•  Collaborative Culture
•  Ensuring Best Fit
Through strategic sourcing, we have built and pre-qualified networks of consultants who can adeptly fill one or more of the roles vital to successfully achieving IT projects’ underlying business objectives. These roles include, but are not limited to, project manager, business analyst, systems analyst, and quality assurance analyst. We screen all candidates against multiple criteria to ensure the best fit for your role, team, and project.

Here’s what we look for in our consultants:

Business acumen — ability to assess the business value of different technologies and operational processes.

Subject-matter expertise — in-depth knowledge and experience in specific technical and functional areas required.

Consulting skills — evidence of real world experience with solving problems, developing shared vision, quickly adapting to new environments and leveraging team capabilities.

Culture fit — track record of success in environments that share characteristics with your organization.

We assign a TreeTop Accountability Manager to each project. The Accountability Manager’s role is to monitor performance, assess progress, and leverage individual consultant skills throughout the project.


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